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ANSI X9.129-2020/ASC X9 TR 51-2023

(Version 05) Legal Orders Exchange and Levies Companion Document - Uniform Adoption of X9.129 for Levies - Version 05

Includes both ANSI X9.129-2020 and ASC X9 TR 51-2023. ANSI X9.129-2020 - In today’s environment legal orders are generated in a large number of formats by a variety of different government agencies. These documents are then mailed to the bank for processing. When the bank receives the requests (mail, fax, spreadsheet) the process for fulfilling them is highly manual, which is time consuming and can be prone to errors, and there are limited areas where automation is applied. In most cases, the basic types of information, required for processing, are the same across the different request types. By creating a set of standards for electronic file formats for the different request types, benefits will be realized by both the requester and the receiver through automation of the process. ASC X9 TR 51-2023 -This document formalizes an industry standard for exchange of legal orders using the ANSI X9.129 standard format and a compilation of industry norms. This technical report is not intended to replace the ANSI X9.129 standard, but rather to clarify how financial institutions and agencies should use the standard to ensure all necessary and appropriate levies and asset based orders are exchanged between financial institutions and/or agencies.

Accredited Standards Committee, Inc. - Financial Industry Standards [ascx9]

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