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ASC X9 TR 100-2019

Organization of Check-related Payments Standards Part 1: Organization of Standards Part 2: Definitions used in Standards

Part 1 of this technical report provides the numbering scheme for all standards associated with paper-based and image-based check payments that collectively will be referred to as check-related payments. The basic numbering scheme is divided into two sections; core standards and application standards. Core standards cover such items as paper requirements, MICR requirements, optical requirements, and image requirements. Application standards cover such items as check documents, deposit tickets, internal documents, image replacement documents, other documents, MICR, security, and electronic. Part 2 of this technical report lists the definitions of terms used within X9’s check-related payment standards. The structure covered in this technical report was developed to define and explain the requirements for automated handling of paper-based and image-based check payments. It also offers a repository of definitions used in these standards. This technical report is available in electronic form free of charge to aid the user in identifying the standards for purchase.

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