ASC X9 TR 51-2020

Levies Companion Document Uniform Adoption of X9.129 for Levies Version 3.0

The purpose of this document is to formalize an industry standard for exchange of legal orders using the ANSI X9.129 standard format and a compilation of industry norms. This document is not intended to replace the ANSI X9.129 standard, but rather to clarify how financial institutions and agencies should use the standard to ensure all necessary and appropriate levies and asset based orders are exchanged between financial institutions and/or agencies. The use of this document requires that all legal orders exchange participants obtain, use and adhere to the record and field usage definitions detailed in the ANSI X9.129 standard. Users of this document are required to review and be knowledgeable of the full standard to ensure file structure and data and field specifications are understood and used correctly. This document further defines the specific usage of the ANSI X9.129 standard and describes all of the records and fields which contain critical data. Based on this usage, it is reasonable to expect that exchange participants will implement file validation practices to ensure that all critical data is contained in legal order exchange files. If a file contains records or fields of critical data that do not conform to the usage practices detailed in the standard it is reasonable to expect the receiving institution or agency will reject the item or file back to the sending institution or agency as the order(s) contained in the file may be unusable/unprocessable. Conversely, if a record or field which does not contain critical data is populated with incomplete, erroneous, or invalid data it is reasonable to expect these files or items would be accepted and processed.

Accredited Standards Committee, Inc. - Financial Industry Standards [ascx9]

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