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ANSI/ASME MFC-6M-1998 (R2005)

Measurement of Fluid Flow in Pipes Using Vortex Flow Meters

This Standard: (a) describes vortex shedding flowmeters in which alternating vortices are shed from one or more bluff bodies installed in a closed circular conduit; (6) describes how the frequency of the vortex pairs is a measure of the fluid velocity; how volume, mass, and standard volume flowrate is determined; and how the total fluid that has flowed through the meter in a specified time interval can be measured; (c) applies only to fluid flow that is steady or varies only slowly with time, is considered single-phased, and when the closed conduit is full; (d) provides only generic information on vortex shedding flowmeters, including a glossary and a set of engineering equations useful in specifying performance; (e) describes the physical components of vortex shedding flowmeters and identifies the need for inspection, certification, and material traceability; If, addresses phenomena that may negatively affect vortex detection, as well as shift the K factor, and describes guidelines for reducing or eliminating their influences; and (8) provides calibration guidance.

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