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ASME A17. Elevator and Escalator Safety Package

ASME A17.1, ASME A17.2, ASME A17.3, ASME A17.4, ASME A17.5, And ASME A17.6 (Save 20% off List Prices)

The ASME A17. Elevator and Escalator Safety Package includes the safety code requirements for new / existing elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, moving walks, material lifts and the guide / procedures for inspecting them. The ASME A17 Elevator and Escalator Safety Package also has the electrical requirements used for starting / stopping, regulating, controlling or protecting electric motors and generators used to operate the respective equipment. Encompassing total elevator and escalator safety, this package includes an evacuation procedures guide for emergency personnel. This collection contains the following ASME and ANSI/ASME documents:

  • ASME A17.1-2022/CSA B44:22
  • ASME A17.1/CSA B44 HB-2019
  • ASME A17.2-2023
  • ASME A17.3-2023
  • ASME A17.4-2015
  • ASME A17.5/CSA B44.1-2019
  • ASME A17.6-2022

This package has a total savings of 35% off the individual list price.

ASME A17. Elevator and Escalator Safety Package includes:

American Society of Mechanical Engineers [asme]

Standard for the Qualification of Elevator Inspectors
Safety Standard for Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlifts
Safety Requirements for Personnel Hoists and Employee Elevators on Construction and Demolition Sites ...