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ASME B107.410-2018 (R2023)

Struck Tools

The purpose of B107.410 is to define essential performance and safety requirements specifically applicable to the various struck tools covered herein. It specifies test methods to evaluate performance related to the defined requirements and safety, and indicates limitations of safe use. This standard supersedes, replaces, and renders obsolete the following standards: B107.43, Wood-Splitting Wedge; B107.44, Chisels,B107.46, Stud, Screw, and Pipe Extractors: Safety Requirements; B107.48, Metal Chisels, Punches, and Drift Pins; B107.49, Nail Sets; B107.50, Brick Chisels, Brick Sets, and Star Drills; B107.52, Nail Puller Bars and Pry Bars; B107.59, Slugging and Striking Wrenches.

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