ASME B29.8-2010 (R2017)

Leaf Chains, Clevises, and Sheaves

This Standard includes the following information on Leaf Chains: A series of link plates alternately assembled with pins in such a way that the joint is free to articulate between adjoining pitches. The main topics are (a) Description; (b) Numbering and marking system; (c) Assemblies and general proportions; (d) General chain dimensions for interchangeability; (e) Minimum ultimate tensile strength; (f) Tolerance for chain length; (g) Measuring load; and (g) Preload. This Standard also includes the following information on Clevises: (a) Design considerations; and (b) Clevis types. This Standard also includes information on proportions of Sheaves. There are also Tables for (a) General Chain Dimensions, in. and mm; (b) Minimum Ultimate Tensile Strength; and (c) Dimensions for Anchor Clevises-Type B Leaf chain, in. and mm. There is also supplementary information on lubrication and maintenance.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers [asme]

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