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ASME HST-5-2020

Performance Standard for Air Chain Hoists

ASME HST-5 is a newly-revised Standard which establishes performance requirements for air powered chain hoists for vertical lifting service involving material handling of freely suspended (unguided) loads. These hoists use load chain of the roller or welded link types with one of the following types of suspension: (1) lug; (2) hook or clevis; (3) trolley. HST-5 contains an appendix which replaces the requirements of MIL-H-24591, Hoists, Chain, Pneumatic, Low Headroom, Trolley Type and, in conjunction with ASME HST-6-1999, Performance Standard For Air Wire Rope Hoists, replaces the requirements of MIL-H-28538B for Hoists, WireRope or Chain, Air Motor Powered With Trolley and MIL-H-2813 for Hoists, Chain and Wire Rope, Pneumatic. This Standard is not applicable to: (1) damaged of malfunctioning hoists; (2) hoists that have been misused and abused; (3) hoists that have been altered without authorization of the manufacturer or a qualified person; (4) hoists used for lifting of supporting people; (5) hoists used for the purpose of drawing both the load and hoist up or down the hoist's own load chain(s); or (6) hoists used for marine and other applications as required by the Department of Defense (DOD). HST-2 includes an appendix on Hand Chain Manually Operated Chain Hoists used in marine and other applications as required by the Department of Defense (DOD). Both HST-5 and ASME HST-2-2014, Performance Standard for Hand Chain Manually Operated Chain Hoists serve as companion standards to ASME B30.16-2012, Overhead Hoists (Underhung)

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