ANSI/ASSE Z244.1-2003 (R2008)

Control of Hazardous Energy - Lockout/Tagout and Alternative Methods

Cited in OSHA interpretations and private sector materials, the Z244.1 Standard is a significant standard used by many, if not most, SH&E professionals as a resource for addressing control of hazardous energy and lockout/tagout. The scope and purpose of the standard is to establish requirements for the control of hazardous energy associated with machines, equipment, or processes that could cause injury to personnel. The purpose of this standard is to establish requirements and performance objectives for procedures, techniques, designs and methods that protect personnel where injury can occur as a result of the unexpected release of hazardous energy. Unexpected release of hazardous energy can include any unintended motion, energization, start-up or release of stored energy, deliberate or otherwise, from the perspective of the person(s) at risk.

The American Society of Safety Engineers [asse]

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