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ASTM D123-23

Standard Terminology Relating to Textiles

1.1 This standard is the compilation of all terminology developed by Committee D13 on Textiles.

1.1.1 This terminology, consists mostly of definitions, which are specific to the textile industry. Meanings of the same terms used outside the textile industry can be found in other compilations or in dictionaries of general usage.

1.1.2 The specific D13 subcommittee (SC) which has jurisdictional responsibility for every item is the first attribution noted after the definition. The SC terminology standard in which all the terms and definitions appear is listed by number after the jurisdiction for the term. The wording of an entry cannot be changed without the approval of the subcommittee which has jurisdiction. Users of this compilation should also review the SC terminology standard listed for more details or interpretations of these terms and their use by the SC having jurisdiction.

1.2 In addition to being a specialized dictionary, Terminology D123 is also a tool for managing the committee's terminology. This includes finding, eliminating, and preventing redundancies, that is, where two or more terms relating the same concept are defined in different words. Redundancies can also occur when one definition is used for two or more terms.

1.3 While the review for clarity and form are the responsibility of the terminology subcommittee, the concept of managing terminology is the broad responsibility of every writer of standards, specifically the task group leader and subcommittee chairman.

1.4 Subsequent to a listing of specific subcommittee compilations, this standard is comprised of the following sections that are listed in the order in which they appear.

1.4.1 Alphabetical listing of terms with definitions followed by SC attribution in brackets and SC terminology standard.

1.4.2 Annex A1 Terms Relating to the Hand of Fabrics.

1.4.3 Annex A2 Industry Accepted Synonyms.

1.4.4 Annex A3 Terminology Taken From D13 Standards That Have Been Withdrawn.

1.4.5 Annex A4 Terminology Relating to Leather.

1.4.6 Annex A5 Terminology Revision Procedures.

1.4.7 Appendix X1 Other Sources of Textile Terminology.

1.5 This international standard was developed in accordance with internationally recognized principles on standardization established in the Decision on Principles for the Development of International Standards, Guides and Recommendations issued by the World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee.

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