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ASTM D5672/D5672M-15

Standard Test Method for Testing Flexible Cellular Materials Measurement of Indentation Force Deflection Using a 25-mm [1-in.] Deflection Technique

1.1 This test method covers a screening type quality control test used to determine if flexible polyurethane foam cushions are within the specified grade range for firmness.

1.2 This test method is limited to foams with thicknesses that are 75 mm [3 in.] or greater.

1.3 This test method is based on the fact that the traditional industry standard thickness for Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) is 100 mm [4 in.], and the traditional percent deflection for IFD acceptance and product planning is 25 %. With respect, then, to these traditional industry conventions, a 25 % deflection on a 100-mm [4-in.] cushion would be 25 mm [1 in.]. Thus, deflecting standard cushions (of proper 100 mm thickness) 25 mm [1 in.] provides a quick way to determine if the flexible polyurethane foam is within the specified grade range for 25 % IFD.

1.4 Cushion thicknesses less than 75 mm [3 in.] shall not be tested for IFD using this test method.

1.5 This test method is intended to provide a quick and simple method to screen flexible polyurethane foams for determination of its firmness grade.

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