ASTM D7886-14

Standard Practice for Asbestos Exposure Assessments for Repetitive Maintenance and Installation Tasks

1.1 This practice establishes procedures for assessing the exposure of workers to airborne fibers who perform repetitive tasks of short duration where small quantities of asbestos-containing materials must be disturbed in order to perform maintenance and installation activities.

1.2 This practice describes the facilities and equipment for performing the tasks under controlled conditions for the express purpose of collecting personal air samples to determine worker exposure. The tasks are performed on actual asbestos-containing materials during Exposure Assessment tests and precautions are taken for personal protection and avoiding contamination of adjacent spaces.

1.3 This practice describes the air sample collection procedures, the analytical methods for the air samples, and the calculation of worker exposure including the use of statistical confidence limits. This practice differentiates between the test to obtain exposure data and the current job to which the data are applied, and describes the duties of the individuals who conduct these separate activities.

1.4 The results are applied to the current job as defined herein for determining worker protection such as respiratory protection or for other purposes as determined by the competent person responsible for the current job. The results of the tests shall not be applied to current jobs that are expected to differ substantially from the test conditions in work practices, material properties or other factors that might affect the concentration of airborne asbestos fibers.

1.5 This practice is not intended to be used for asbestos abatement work for which the objective is the removal of asbestos-containing materials. It is designed to assess exposures for short-term repetitive tasks. Compliance with regulatory requirements as to the purpose of the work and limits on the quantity of asbestos-containing materials disturbed is the responsibility of the user.

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