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AWS D14.6/D14.6M:2012

Specification for Welding of Rotating Elements of Equipment

This specification establishes minimum acceptable requirements for weld joint detail and fabrication by welding of rotating elements in new equipment. This specification also applies to the modification or repair by welding of rotating elements in existing equipment. Equipment types covered by this specification include, but are not limited to: crushers, fans, impellers, centrifugal impellers, kilns, pulpers, gears, sheaves, drive trains, crankshafts, flywheels, power transmission shafts, air moving devices, blowers, and rotating elements of hydro electric generating equipment. The intent of this specification is not to include steam or combustion turbine rotors, blading, or camshafts. This specification also applies to such products and procedures that are agreed to by the Manufacturer, Fabricator, or Repair Organization and the Owner. Requirements contained herein are not intended to nullify or void the requirements of any law or governmental agency regulation or other codes applied to components. Additional requirements may be invoked by contract documents. The specification establishes the minimum acceptable practice at the time of its publication. It is not intended to restrict new developments or in any way to inhibit advances in the art and science of welding. This specification is intended to promote the following:(1) High quality construction and repair of welded rotating elements of equipment;(2) Adequate initial and sustained performance of welded rotating elements of equipment;(3) Personnel safety;(4) Clear, concise fabrication practices that will be readily understood by the Manufacturer, Fabricator, or Repair Organization, Fabricator, Owner, and user; and(5) Conservation of human and material resources in the fabrication of welded rotating elements of equipment. This specification makes use of both U.S. Customary Units and the International System of Units (SI). These measurements may not be exact equivalents; therefore each system must be used independently of the other without combining in any way. The specification with the designation D14.6 uses U.S. Customary Units. The specification D14.6M uses SI Units. The latter are shown in appropriate columns in tables or within brackets ([ ]) when used in the text. Safety and health issues and concerns are beyond the scope of this standard, and therefore are not fully addressed herein. Safety and health information is available from other sources, including, but not limited to ANSI Z49.1, Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes, and applicable federal and state regulations.

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