AWWA C542-2016

Standard for Electric Motor Actuators for Valves and Slide Gates

This standard describes electric motor actuators that are externally mounted on gate, ball, plug, cone, globe, and butterfly valves and on slide gates suitable for use in water, wastewater, and reclaimed water facilities. The standard defines the minimum requirements for such actuating devices, including sizing considerations, general design, materials, applications, painting and coatings, data to be furnished by manufacturer, performance testing and certification, inspection, packaging, shipping, handling, and storage. This standard is one of two standards, the other being AWWA C541-08 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinder and Vane-Type Actuators for Valves and Slide Gates, that replace AWWA C540 Power-Actuating Devices for Valves and Sluice Gates.

AWWA: American Water Works Association [awwa]

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