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Procedures for the collection of Arterial Blood Specimens; Approved Standard-Fourth Edition

Collection of a blood specimen, as well as its handling and transport, are key factors in the clinical laboratory analysis and ultimately in delivering quality patient care. NCCLS document H11-procedures for the Collection of Arterial Blood Specimens serves a dual purpose: to reduce the potential hazard to the patiend and to maintain the integrity of the arterial blood specimen. Collection arterial blood is not only technically difficult but also imposes a degree of risk for the patient Arterial blood is also one of the specimens most sensitive to preanalytic effects. Arterial blood is also one of the specimens most sensitive to preanalytic effects. This standard will be particularly valuable to those involved in blood specimen collection, such as clinical laboratory directors, respiratory therapists, physicians, physicians in training, nurses, medical technologists, exercise physiologists, phlebotomists, and perfusionists.

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