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CAN1 1.16-M1979 (R2016)

CAN1-1.16-M79 (R2016) - Propane Fired Cooking Appliances for Recreational Vehicles

1. Scope

1.1.1 This standard applies to newly produced propane-fired cooking appliances constructed entirely of new unused parts and materials, intended primarily for use in recreational vehicles.

1.1.2 This standard applies to appliances designed to be recessed into or attached to counter or cabinets.

1.1.3 This standard applies to appliances classified as:

(a) Surface Unit(s); (b) Oven Unit(s); (c) Broiler Unit(s); (d) Range (combination of a, b and c.)

1.1.4 This standard also covers the electrical equipment, wiring and accessories built-in or supplied for use with the appliance when appliances are installed in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I and II. This standard does not cover cooking units with a supply voltage rating greater than 125 V.

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