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ANSI/CSA America FC 3-2004 (R2017)

ANSI/CSA AMERICA FC 3-2004 (R2017) - Portable Fuel Cell Power Systems


This Standard applies to ac and dc type portable fuel cell power systems, with a rated output voltage not exceeding 600 V, for commercial, industrial, and residential indoor and outdoor use in non-hazardous locations, in accordance with the Rules of the National Electric Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.

This Standard does not apply to portable fuel cell power systems that are

a. Permanently connected (stationary) to either fuel or electric supply;

b. Designed to export power to the grid;

c. Replacement fuel cell power units for appliances; or

d. Fuel cell systems for propulsion.

Fuels considered within the scope of this standard are:

a. Natural Gas;

b. Liquefied Petroleum / Propane Gases;

c. Liquid Alcohols e.g. Methanol, Ethanol;

d. Gasoline;

e. Diesel;

f. Kerosene;

g. Hydrogen;

h. Chemical Hydrides; and

i. Metallic.

The overall design of a portable fuel cell power system anticipated by this standard shall form an assembly of integrated systems, as necessary, intended to perform designated functions, as follows:

a. Fuel Processing System - meters and processes incoming fuel supply for use within the portable fuel cell power system.

b. Air Processing System - meters, conditions, processes and may pressurize (blowers or turbochargers) incoming air supply for use within the portable fuel cell power system.

c. Thermal Management System - provides cooling and heat rejection to maintain thermal equilibrium within the portable fuel cell power system and may provide for recovery of excess heat and assist in heating the portable fuel cell power system during startup.

d. Electrical System - conditions output power of the fuel cell to meet the specifications of the output system.

e. Automatic Control System - the assembly of sensors, actuators valves, switches, and control logic components that maintains the portable fuel cell power system control parameters within manufacturer specified limits without manual intervention.

f. Fuel Cell Module - an assembly of cells, separators and cooling plates, manifolds and a supporting structure that electrochemically converts fuel and oxidant to direct electrical current, heat, water and other byproducts.

These requirements are not intended to prevent the design and construction of a portable fuel cell power system not specifically prescribed in this standard, provided that such alternative has been considered in testing and listing the portable fuel cell power system. In considering alternative designs or construction the materials or methods used shall be evaluated as to their ability to yield equivalent performance to that prescribed by this standard.

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