ANSI Z21.58a-2008/CSA 1.6a-2008

Addenda 1 to ANSI Z21.58-2007/CSA 1.6-2007, Outdoor Cooking Gas Appliances

This PDF includes an erratum to the ANSI Z21.58a-2008/CSA 1.6a-2008.


The standards set forth herein apply to the third edition of the Standard for Outdoor Cooking Gas Appliances, Z21.58-2007/CSA 1.6-2007, and supersede corresponding standards therein. Following their preparation by the supervising Technical Advisory Group, they were accepted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Interprovincial Gas Advisory Council (IGAC), and subsequently approved. NOTE: Changes, other than editorial, are denoted by a vertical line in the margin.


Details test and examination criteria for portable or post-mounted outdoor cooking gas appliances having top or surface units or broilers units or combinations thereof which are (1) for use with natural gas, manufactured gas, mixed gas, liquefied petroleum gases or LP gas-air mixtures on a fixed fuel piping systems, or (2) for connection to a self-contained liquefied petroleum gas supply system.

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