CSA ANSI/CSA HGV 4.6-2013 (R2018)

Manually operated valves for use in gaseous hydrogen vehicle fueling stations

Preface   This is the first edition of ANSI/CSA HGV 4.6-2013, Manually Operated Valves for Use in Gaseous Hydrogen Vehicle Fueling Stations. It supersedes the previous edition published in 2009.   Scope   This Standard contains safety requirements for the material, design, manufacture and testing of manually operated valves for gaseous hydrogen vehicle fueling stations. This Standard applies to newly manufactured valves.   1.1 This Standard does not apply to:   a) Fuel storage container shut-off valves connected directly to the storage container as covered by the appropriate standards (e.g., UL 1769, CGA V-9, etc.).   b) Fueling nozzle valves as covered by the Standard for Compressed Hydrogen Surface Vehicle Refueling Connection Device, SAE J2600 or ISO 17268.   c) Does not apply to pressure Class 150 hardware (under 2 MPa (300 psi))   1.1.1 All references to pressure throughout this document are to be considered gauge pressures unless otherwise specified.   1.1.2 All dimensions used in this standard are in metric units [International System of Units (SI)], unless otherwise specified. If a value for a measurement, as given in this standard, is followed by an equivalent value in other units, the first stated is to be regarded as the specification.   1.2 This Standard contains SI (Metric) corresponding to the yard/pound quantities, the purpose being to allow the standard to be used in SI (Metric) units. (Standard for use of the International System of Units (SI): The Modern Metric System, IEEE/ASTM SI I0 or ISO 80000-1:2009 Quantities and units- Part 1: General are used as a guide in making metric conversion from yard/pound quantities.) If a value for a measurement and a corresponding value in other units are stated, the first stated value is to be regarded as the requirement. The given corresponding value may be approximate. If a value for a measurement and a corresponding value in other units are both specified as a quoted marking requirement, the first stated unit, or both shall be provided.

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