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CSA C22.2 No. 282-2017

Plugs, receptacles, and couplers for electric vehicles (Trinational standard with UL 2251 and NMX-J-678-ANCE-2017)


This is the harmonized ANCE, CSA Group, and UL Standard for Plugs, Receptacles, and Couplers for Electric Vehicles. It is the Second edition of NMX-J-678-ANCE, the Second edition of CSA-C22.2 No. 282, and the Fourth edition of UL 2251. This edition of CSA-C22.2 No. 282 supersedes the previous edition published February 22, 2013. This edition of NMX-J-678-ANCE supersedes the previous edition published in 2013. This edition of UL 2251 supersedes the previous edition published February 22, 2013.


These requirements cover EV plugs, EV receptacles, vehicle inlets, vehicle connectors, and EV breakaway couplings, rated up to 800 amperes and up to 600 volts ac or dc. These devices are intended for use with conductive electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), and are intended to facilitate the conductive connection from the EVSE to the vehicle. These devices are for use in either indoor or outdoor nonhazardous locations in accordance with Annex A, Ref. No. 1.

This Standard does not directly apply to any device that is not intended for use as described in 1.1.

In the text of this Standard, the term device refers to any product covered by this Standard. The letters EV refer to an electric vehicle, including plug-in hybrid vehicles, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and similar vehicles.

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