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CSA C22.3 No. 5.1-93 (R2022)

Recommended practices for electrical protection - Electric contact between overhead supply and communication lines

Preface This is the first edition of CSA Standard C22.3 No. 5.1, Recommended Practices for Electrical Protection- -Electric Contact Between Overhead Supply and Communication Lines, one of a series of Standards issued by the Canadian Standards Association under Part III of the Canadian Electrical Code. The information provided in this Standard supersedes Appendix B of CSA Standard CAN/CSA-C22.3 No. 1-M87. The use of the term "Coordinated Protection" as a title has been purposely avoided in this Standard since it is not appropriately descriptive of the particulars of the electrical protection covered. This Standard is intended to provide guidance to all parties involved in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of overhead supply or communication plants so located that inadvertent electric contact between them could occur. It is noted that this Standard outlines procedures and practices intended to minimize but not eliminate entirely the risks associated with electric contacts. This Standard was prepared by the Technical Committee Electrical Protection--Electric Contact, Supply and Communication Lines under the jurisdiction of the Standards Steering Committee on the Canadian Electrical Code, Part III, and was formally approved by these Committees. This Standard has been developed in compliance with Standards Council of Canada requirements for National Standards of Canada. It has been published as a National Standard of Canada by CSA Group. Scope 1.1 This Standard outlines the principles and general practices of electrical protection applicable to overhead supply systems operating at more than 750 V but less than 50 kV phase to phase and communications systems, where the lines of those systems are located so that inadvertent electric contact between them could occur, resulting in a contact voltage not exceeding a limit agreed to by the communication and supply companies. 1.2 This Standard applies to overhead supply and communications systems that meet the requirements of CSA Standard CAN/CSA-C22.3 No. 1 where coordinated electrical protection is specified. 1.3 The following effects are within the scope of other Standards and therefore are excluded from this Standard: (a) the effects on communications conductors entering power stations or passing through the zone of influence of that station's ground potential rise (GPR); (b) the effects of faults other than single phase-to-ground faults; and (c) the effects of longitudinal induction and ground potential rise that result from normal operating or fault conditions.

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