CSA C840-2012 (R2017)

C840-12 - Performance of pool pumps


This is the first edition of CSA C840, Performance of pool pumps.

This Standard specifies energy performance calculations, marking and reporting requirements for centrifugal pump units used for circulating and filtering water in permanently installed residential swimming pools.


The purpose of this Standard is to specify pool pump performance measurements that will facilitate the selection of the most efficient models for performing the combined functions of filtration and pool cleaning.

This Standard applies to energy performance of centrifugal pump units for the purpose of circulating and filtering water in residential permanently installed swimming pools that require a driver rated output up to and including 3730 watts (5 hp).

Pump units for use in storable type swimming pools are not within the scope of this Standard.

This Standard specifies the method for testing swimming pool pump units to calculate the energy factor.

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