ICC IC-2004: Supplement

Supplement to the International Codes, 2004

This document is the 2004 Supplement to the 2003 editions of the lnternational Building Code, ICC Electrical Code TM, lnternational Energy Conservation Code, lnternational Existing Building Code, lnternational Fire Code, lnternational Fuel Gas Code, lnternational Mechanical Code, lnternational Plumbing Code, lnternational Private Sewage Disposal Code, lnternational Property Maintenance Code, lnternational Residential Code, lnternational Urban- Wildland lnterface Code and the lnternational Zoning Code. It contains changes submitted in the 2003/2004 Code Development Cycle which were approved by the membership of the lnternational Code Council. The ICC Performance Code for Buildings and Facilities has not been changed from the 2003 edition.

International Code Council [icc]

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