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IEC 60404-14 Ed. 1.0 b:2002

Magnetic materials - Part 14: Methods of measurement of the magnetic dipole moment of a ferromagnetic material specimen by the withdrawal or rotation method

Applicable to all ferromagnetic materials. It is particularly aimed at the measurement of the magnetic dipole moment of permanent magnet (magnetically hard) materials and the measurement of the specific saturation magnetic polarization of cemented carbide materials having a ferromagnetic binder. To describe the general principles of the determination of the magnetic dipole moment of a ferromagnetic material specimen using a detection coil in an open magnetic circuit. By including a means of magnetizing the material to saturation, the saturation magnetic dipole moment can also be determined. In addition, the average magnetic polarization of a test specimen can be derived from the measurement of its magnetic dipole moment and volume. The calibration of magnetic moment coil systems and the measurement of the magnetic dipole moment of feebly magnetic materials can also be determined using this method. Measurements are normally performed at room temperature but measurements at other temperatures can be conducted by heating or cooling the volume occupied by the test specimen within the detection coil. The measurement of remanence, coercivity, maximum energy product and other parameters can be made in a closed magnetic circuit as described in IEC 60404-4 and IEC 60404-5. Measurement of the coercivity HcJ of soft and semi-hard materials can also be performed in an open circuit as described in IEC 60404-7.

International Electrotechnical Commission [iec]

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