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IEEE 802.1Q-2011

IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks--Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges and Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks

This standard specifies how the MAC Service is supported by Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks, the principles of operation of those networks, and the operation of VLAN-aware Bridges, including management, protocols, and algorithms. Incorporates IEEE Std 802.1Q-2005, IEEE Std 802.1ad-2005, IEEE Std 802.1ak-2007, IEEE Std 802.1ag-2007, IEEE Std 802.1ah-2008, IEEE Std 802-1Q-2005/Cor-1-2008, IEEE Std 802.1ap-2008, IEEE Std 802.1Qaw-2009, IEEE Std 802.1Qay-2009, IEEE Std 802.1aj-2009, IEEE Std 802.1Qav-2009, IEEE Std Qau-2010, and IEEE Std Qat-2010. The PDF of this standard is available at no cost, compliments of the IEEE 802 group.

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