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Approved Method: Guide to Lamp Seasoning

This Approved Method applies to normal and accelerated seasoning of incandescent filament lamps, cathode fluorescent lamps, and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. Additional information on these lamp types may be found in ANSI/IES LP-4-20, Lighting Practice: Electric Light Sources – Properties, Selection, and Specification other ANSI/IES documents in the Lighting Measurement (LM) series, and other references listed in the Additional Reading section. Manufacturers’ recommendations for seasoning should be followed for lamp types other than those listed above. Lamps intended for use as reference standards require special seasoning. This document does not apply to solid state lighting (SSL) devices. SSL devices are defined for this document as devices where the light is generated by electron-hole recombination at a semiconductor junction, as for example, light emitting diodes (LEDs).

Illuminating Engineering Society of North America [iesna]

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