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IPC 6010 Series-2016

Family of Board Performance Requirements

The IPC-6010 series includes IPCÆs current qualification and performance specification standards for all major types of printed boards. The series includes IPC-6011, the base document which includes all generic requirements for printed boards regardless of substrate. IPC-6011 is supplemented by the appropriate sectional performance specification: IPC-6012, for rigid printed boards; IPC-6013, for flexible printed boards; IPC-6015, for organic multichip module (MCM-L) mounting and interconnecting structures; IPC-6016, for high density interconnect (HDI) layers or boards; IPC-6017, for printed boards containing embedded passive devices; and IPC-6018, for high frequency (microwave) printed boards. The specifications provide surface plating/coating criteria, hole plating integrity requirements, solder mask and covercoat coverage requirements, and quality assurance provisions that include test sample frequencies and lot inspection.

Association Connecting Electronics Industries [ipc]

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