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IPC CC-830C-2019

Qualification and Performance of Electrical Insulating Compound for Printed Wiring Assemblies

The IPC-CC-830C standard establishes qualification and conformance requirements for electrical insulating compounds (conformal coatings). It has been designed and constructed with the intent of obtaining maximum confidence in the materials with minimum test redundancy. The IPC-CC-830C standard covers:  • The qualification and qualification retention of the conformal coating material (Table 3-1, Column A and B).  • The quality conformance of conformal coating material properties (Table 3-1, Column C).  For the purpose of this standard, the term conformal coating is used herein when referring to a type of protective coating for use on printed wiring assemblies. The conformal coating is intended to provide protection from moisture and contamination and provide electrical insulation; not as a sole source of mechanical support.

Association Connecting Electronics Industries [ipc]

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