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ISO 11226:2000

Ergonomics -- Evaluation of static working postures

This International Standard establishes ergonomic recommendations for different work tasks. This standard provides information to those involved in design, or redesign, of work, jobs and products who are familiar with the basic concepts of ergonomics in general, and working postures in particular.

It specifies recommended limits for static working postures without any or only with minimal external force exertion, while taking into account body angles and time aspects.

It is designed to provide guidance on the assessment of several task variables, allowing the health risks for the working population to be evaluated.

It applies to the adult working population. The recommendations will give reasonable protection for nearly all healthy adults. The recommendations concerning health risks and protection are mainly based on experimental studies regarding the musculoskeletal load, discomfort/pain, and endurance/fatigue related to static working postures.

International Organization for Standardization [iso]

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