ISO 14300-1:2001

Space systems -- Programme management -- Part 1: Structuring of a programme

This part of ISO 14300 addresses the space programme management requirements, applicable through a topdown approach in a contractual relationship between customers and suppliers. The applicable requirements for product assurance are given in ISO 14300-2.

This part of ISO 14300 is intended to be used as a basis when establishing and negotiating customer programme management requirements, and guiding the supplier's responses.

It permits:

  • a clear definition of the roles, responsibilities and authorities of the different customers and suppliers;
  • coherence between their activities;
  • communication capability between them;
  • stable and rigorous programme organization;
  • and, as far as possible, standardization of the rules applicable to various programmes.

It still allows for supplier flexibility in its implementation and tailoring.

International Organization for Standardization [iso]

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