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ISO 15392:2019

Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works - General principles

This document identifies and establishes general principles for the contribution of buildings, civil engineering works and other types of construction works (hereinafter referred to collectively as construction works) to sustainable development. It is based on the concept of sustainable development as it applies to the life cycle of construction works, from inception to the end-of-life.

This document is applicable to new and existing construction works, individually and collectively, as well as to the materials, products, services and processes related to their life cycle. This document does not provide performance levels (benchmarks) that can serve as the basis for sustainability claims.

NOTE 1 The principles established in this document are intended to be applied broadly in the context of construction works. Specific applications are the subject of other related documents.

NOTE 2 Construction works are designed to meet numerous requirements, such as those expressed and established by authorities having jurisdiction. In some circumstances, it can be necessary to go beyond established requirements to contribute further to sustainable development.

NOTE 3 In this document, unless explicitly stated, the term 'product(s)' implies construction product (3.7) and the term 'service(s)' implies construction service (3.8).

This document is not intended to provide the basis for assessment of organizations or other stakeholders, but does acknowledge the importance of their role in the context of contributions to sustainable development by buildings, civil engineering works and other construction works.

NOTE 4 More detailed discussions on social responsibility aspects, relative to organizations, can be found in ISO 26000.

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