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ISO 18920:2000

Imaging materials -- Processed photographic reflection prints -- Storage practices

This International Standard specifies dark storage conditions, storage facilities, and procedures for the handling and inspection of photographic reflection prints of all types and sizes.

This International Standard is applicable to photographic reflection prints on the following opaque supports:

  • fibre-base paper;
  • RC (resin coated) paper;
  • plastic films (polyester, cellulose acetate, etc.).

This International Standard is applicable to the following black-and-white silver gelatin prints:

  • wet-processed, including those that have been chemically treated to improve the permanence of the silver image and/or to modify its colour (e.g. with gold, selenium or sulfur formulations);
  • diffusion transfer (e.g. Polaroid and Fuji Photo Film instant prints1));
  • stabilization-processed (which contain the silver image as well as invisible, chemically stabilized silver halides);
  • heat-processed.

This International Standard is applicable to the following multicolour and monochrome photographic prints:

  • chromogenic, washed and stabilized;
  • silver dye bleach;
  • dye transfer;
  • diffusion transfer (e.g. Polaroid and Fuji Photo Film instant prints1), peel-apart or integral);
  • pigmented gelatin (carbon, carbro, etc.).

This International Standard is applicable to black-and-white and colour photographic reflection prints made with the following systems:

  • thermal dye transfer (commonly referred to as dye sublimation);
  • thermal wax transfer;
  • electrophotographic;
  • ink jet;
  • diazo.

Recommendations for storage of photographic films are given in ISO 18911 and for storage of processed photographic plates in ISO 18918. Print material on translucent film supports intended to be viewed primarily by transmitted light should be stored in accordance with ISO 18911.

This International Standard is applicable to medium-term and extended-term storage conditions as defined in clause 3.

1) Polaroid and Fuji Photo Film instant prints are examples of suitable products available commercially. This information is given for the convenience of users of this International Standard and does not constitute an endorsement by ISO of these products.

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International Organization for Standardization [iso]

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  • ISO 6051:1997
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