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ISO 21549 - Health Informatics Package

ISO 21549-1, ISO 21549-2, ISO 21549-3, ISO 21549-4, ISO 21549-5, ISO 21549-6, ISO 21549-7 and ISO 21549-8

The ISO 21549 - Health Informatics Package provides the platform for developing the structure of the patient healthcard data. The structure consists of device data, identification data, administrative data, clinical data, electronic prescription, security data and limited / extended clinical data. Additional standards are included that establish a common framework for the content / structure, architecture for electronic health records, physical characteristics of the healthcard and good principles and practices for a clinical data warehouse. This package contains the following documents:
ISO 21549-1:2013
ISO 21549-2:2014
ISO 21549-3:2014
ISO 21549-4:2014
ISO 21549-5:2023
ISO 21549-6:2008
ISO 21549-7:2024
ISO 21549-8:2010

ISO 21549 - Health Informatics Package includes:

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