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ISO 4892 - Plastics Light Exposure Package

ISO 4892 - Plastics Light Exposure Package – Parts 1 to 4 (Save 33% off List Prices)

Access ISO 4892 to obtain methods and procedures to conduct accelerated weathering or artificial accelerated irradiation exposures of plastics using various light sources including arc lamps, fluorescent UV lamps, as well as open flame carbon lamps. The ISO 4892 accelerated weathering techniques conducted in a laboratory setting are meant to simulate solar radiation, heat, moisture and other climatic stresses on the color and other properties of plastics to help determine it's durability. ISO 4892 - Plastics Light Exposure Package includes:
ISO 4892-1:2016
ISO 4892-2:2013
ISO 4892-2:2013/Amd1:2021
ISO 4892-3:2016
ISO 4892-4:2013

ISO 4892 - Plastics Light Exposure Package includes:

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International Organization for Standardization [iso]

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