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ISO 8573 - Compressed Air Package

ISO 8573-1, ISO 8573-2, ISO 8573-3, ISO 8573-4, ISO 8573-5, ISO 8573-6, ISO 8573-7, ISO 8573-8 and ISO 8573-9

The Compressed Air Package identifies microbiological and gaseous contaminants in particles, water and oil from various sources of compressed air. The test methods included in the package which can be applied to various sources of compressed air are for: measurement of humidity, oil aerosol content, solid particle content, oil vapor /organic solvent content, gaseous / microbiological contaminant content and liquid water content. It also has vocabulary standards to be used for the application of testing. This package contains the following ISO documents: ISO 8573-1:2010, ISO 8573-2:2018, ISO 8573-3:1999, ISO 8573-4:2019, ISO 8573-5:2001, ISO 8573-6:2003, ISO 8573-7:2003, ISO 8573-8:2004 and ISO 8573-9:2004. This package has a total savings of 30% off the individual list price.

ISO 8573 - Compressed Air Package includes:

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International Organization for Standardization [iso]

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