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ISO Collection - Freight Containers

ISO 668, ISO 830, ISO 1496, ISO 6346, ISO 10368, ISO 17712 and many more...

ISO Collection - Freight Containers is a comprehensive collection of standards that are applicable to various aspects of freight containers. ISO Collection - Freight Containers provides specifications for general cargo, thermal containers, liquid/gases tank containers, as well as non-pressurized containers. In addition, ISO Collection - Freight Containers also addresses the handling and securing of freight containers, mechanical seals and shipment tagging systems. The ISO Collection - Freight Containers contains over 20 standards and it is discounted 80% off the individual list prices:
ISO 1496-1:2013
ISO 1496-1:2013/Amd 1:2016
ISO 1496-2:2018
ISO 1496-3:2019
ISO 1496-4:2023
ISO 1496-5:2018
ISO 18185-1:2007
ISO 18185-2:2007
ISO 18185-3:2015
ISO 18185-4:2007
ISO 18185-5:2007
ISO 3874:2017
ISO/TR 15070:1996
ISO/TR 15070/Amd1:2005
ISO/TR 15070/Amd2:2007
ISO 668:2020
ISO 668:2020/Amd1:2022
ISO 830:1999
ISO 830/Cor1:2001
ISO 6346:2022
ISO 9669:1990
ISO 9669/AMD1:1992
ISO 9711-1:1990
ISO 9897:1997
ISO 9897/Cor1:2001
ISO 10368:2006
ISO/TR 15069:2018
ISO 1161:2016
ISO 18186:2011
ISO 14829:2002
ISO 17712:2013
ISO/TS 10891:2009
ISO/TS 10891/Cor1:2009

ISO Collection - Freight Containers includes:

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