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ISO/IEC 11179-3:2023

Information technology - Metadata registries (MDR) - Part 3: Metamodel for registry common facilities

This document specifies the information to be recorded in a metadata registry in the form of a conceptual data model:


    Clause 5 specifies the approach used to model a metadata registry;


    Clause 6 specifies the Core Model of the registry, including basic types and classes to be reused in extending the model. The core model defines a generic “registry item”, from which any type of item that needs to registered can be sub-classed;


    Clause 7 specifies the metamodel for Identification of registry items;


    Clause 8 specifies the metamodel for Designation and Definition of registry items;


    Clause 9 specifies the metamodel for Registration of registry items;


    Clause 10 specifies the metamodel for Classification of registry items;


    Clause 11 specifies the metamodel for Mapping among registry items.

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