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ISO/IEC 13660:2001

Information technology - Office equipment - Measurement of image quality attributes for hardcopy output Binary monochrome text and graphic images

This International Standard specifies device-independent image quality attributes, measurement methods, and analytical procedures to describe the quality of output images from hardcopy devices. This International Standard is applicable to human-readable documents composed of binary monochrome images produced from impact printers, non-impact printers, and copiers.

The attributes, methods, and procedures rely on intrinsic properties of the image. Targets or reference images are not required. The International Standard is not applicable to images on media other than hardcopy (e.g. images on a VDT) or to images that are intended to be machine readable only (e.g. bar codes).

This International Standard is not intended to apply to pictorial art. It is optimized for black colourant forming the image on a white substrate; it is not intended to be used for dropped out or reversed type or for transparencies. The evaluation of an image with any other colour of colourant or substrate will be sensitive to changes in illumination. In this case, the procedures of this International Standard may not be applicable and should be used with caution.

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