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ISO/IEC 18009:1999

Information technology -- Programming languages -- Ada: Conformity assessment of a language processor

This International Standard establishes requirements for certifying an assessment that an Ada language processor conforms to the requirements of the Ada language standard, ISO/IEC 8652. It places requirements on the organization that performs the assessment, the assessment procedures, and the test suite used in the assessment. Finally, it places requirements on the form for the certificate of conformity.

This International Standard concerns only the assessment of conformity to the language requirements of ISO/IEC 8652. It does not concern the assessment of any other characteristics of a language processor or of the construction process used by the manufacturer of the language processor.

This International Standard is intended to be primarily suitable for use by a third party authority although portions of it may also be applied by a supplier (first party) or by a user or purchaser (second party).

An Ada language processor may be claimed to conform to the requirements of ISO/IEC 8652 regardless of the application of this International Standard. This International Standard prescribes the method for obtaining a certification that an Ada language processor conforms to ISO/IEC 8652. Customers desiring to acquire a language processor certified as conforming should explicitly require that certification by citing this International Standard.

Certification should not be construed as guaranteeing that the certified product is free of non-conformities or defects; it only certifies that no evidence of non-conformity was found during the certification process.

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