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ISO/IEC 7811-6:2001

Identification cards -- Recording technique -- Part 6: Magnetic stripe -- High coercivity

This part of ISO/IEC 7811 is one of a series of standards describing the characteristics for identification cards as defined in the definitions clause and the use of such cards for international interchange.

This part of ISO/IEC 7811 specifies requirements for a high coercivity magnetic stripe (including any protective overlay) on an identification card, the encoding technique and coded character sets. It takes into consideration both human and machine aspects and states minimum requirements.

Coercivity influences many of the quantities specified in this part of ISO/IEC 7811 but is not itself specified. The main characteristic of the high coercivity magnetic stripe is its improved resistance to erasure. This is achieved with minimal probability of damage to other magnetic stripes by contact while retaining read compatibility with magnetic stripes as defined in ISO/IEC 7811-2.

It is the purpose of this series of standards to provide criteria to which cards shall perform. No consideration is given within these standards to the amount of use, if any, experienced by the card prior to test. Failure to conform to specified criteria should be negotiated between the involved parties.

ISO/IEC 10373-2 specifies the test procedures used to check cards against the parameters specified in this part of ISO/IEC 7811.

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  • ISO/IEC 7811-4:1995
  • ISO/IEC 7811-5:1995
  • ISO/IEC 7811-6:1996
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