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ISO/IEC Guide 68:2002

Arrangements for the recognition and acceptance of conformity assessment results

ISO/IEC Guide 68:2002 provides an introduction to the development, issuance and operation of arrangements for the recognition and acceptance of results produced by bodies undertaking similar conformity assessment and related activities. The activities to which this guidance is intended to apply are those related to the conduct of unregulated marketplace transactions extending across borders from one country to another. While agreements among governments pertaining to transactions of regulated goods and services can take into account the agreements addressed by this Guide, the guidance provided here is introductory and general in nature and does not specifically address any special requirements that governmental agreements might generate.

Some countries may be concerned about having the necessary human and institutional resources with respect to conformity assessment infrastructures which would permit them to participate in such arrangements. Guidance on the acquisition and development of the resources required is beyond the scope of this Guide.

International Organization for Standardization [iso]

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