ISO/TS 8000-120:2009

Data quality - Part 120: Master data: Exchange of characteristic data: Provenance

ISO/TS 8000-120:2009 specifies requirements for therepresentation and exchange of information about the provenance ofmaster data that consists of characteristic data, and supplementsthe requirements of ISO 8000-110. Provenance is the history orpedigree of a property value. Any claim of conformance to ISO/TS8000-120:2009 implies a claim of conformance to ISO 8000-110.ISO/TS 8000-120:2009 includes a Unified Modeling Language (UML)conceptual model for provenance data. Just as provenance is a keyelement of the value of a work of art, it is also a key element ofthe value of data. It allows the recipient of a master data messageto trace master data that has been exchanged back to its source,and helps the recipient to assess the trustworthiness of the data,and make a choice when values for the same property are receivedfrom different sources.

International Organization for Standardization [iso]

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