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ANSI MH27.1-2016

Patented Track Underhung Cranes and Monorail Systems

This standard applies to underhung cranes whose end trucks operate on the lower flange of a patented-track runway section; and to carriers (trolleys) operating on single-track patented-track monorail systems, including all curves, switches, transfer devices, lift and drop sections, and associated equipment. Systems used for transporting personnel require special considerations and are not included in this standard. This standard does not apply to enclosed-track runway sections, enclosed-track monorail systems, structural-shape runway section, or structural-shape monorail systems. Refer to ANSI MH27.2 2017, Enclosed Rack Underhung Cranes and Monorail Systems for enclosed-track runway sections and enclosed-track monorail systems.

Material Handling Industry of America [mhia]

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Enclosed Track Underhung Cranes and Monorail Systems
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