MSS SP-58-2009

Pipe Hangers and Supports - Materials, Design, Manufacture, Selection, Application, and Installation

(Incorporates content of SP-69, 77, 89, and 90.) Establishes the material, design, fabrication, and inspection criteria to be used in the manufacture of standard types of pipe hanger components. This Standard Practice establishes the allowable stress values for materials used in standard types of pipe support components and unique hanger design assemblies. This Standard Practice establishes minimum design load ratings for rigid pipe hanger assemblies (see Table 1). This Standard Practice presents the recommended practice for the selection and application of pipe hangers and supports for all service temperatures. This Standard Practice establishes recommended procedures for detailing, fabrication, and installation of pipe hangers and supports. SP-58-2009 incorporates contents of ANSI/MSS SP-69-2003, MSS SP-77-1995 (R 2000), MSS SP-89-2003, and SP-90-2000. SP-58-2009 supercedes MSS SP-58-2002.

Manufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry, Inc. [mss]

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