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NFPA/T3.4.7 R2-2000 (R2014)

Accumulator - Pressure rating supplement to NFPA/T2.6.1 R2-2000 - Fluid power components - Method for verifying the fatigue and establishing the burst pressure ratings of the pressure containing envelope of a metal fluid power accumulator

This standard provides: test and statistical methods for generating fatigue distribution data; test and statistical methods for conducting a verification of the pressure ratings on fluid power accumulators; common requirements and an industry-wide philosophy in judging one type of pressure capability for fluid power accumulators; uniform methods of product comparison. This standard covers the pressure containing envelope of the following accumulator types: piston; bladder; diaphragm; direct acting; mechanical; mechanical spring; mechanical weighted; metal bellows; gas bottles, are also included, only when they are used as an extension of the gas volume of one of the above mentioned accumulators. This standard limits conditions as follows: Follow 1.2 from NFPA/T2.6.1 R2. This standard encourages manufacturers to use this common method to enhance the credibility of their pressure ratings.

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National Fluid Power Association [nfpa-fluid]

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