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NFPA 1221-2019

NFPA 1221 Standard for the Installation, Maintenance, and Use of Emergency Services Communications Systems , 2019 edition

This standard shall cover the installation, performance, operation, and maintenance of public emergency services communications systems and facilities. This standard shall not be used as a design specification manual or an instruction manual. The purpose of this standard shall be as follows: (1) To specify operations, facilities, and communications systems that receive events from the public (2) To provide requirements for the retransmission of such events to the appropriate emergency response agencies (3) To provide requirements for dispatching of appropriate emergency response personnel (4) To establish the required levels of performance and quality of installations of emergency services communications systems. Public fire alarm systems and fire alarm systems on private premises from which signals are received directly or indirectly by the communications center shall be in accordance with NFPA 72. Emergency reporting systems that are not covered by this standard shall be in accordance with NFPA 72.

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