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ANSI/OEOSC/ISO 10110-8-2019

American National Standard for Optics and Electro-Optical Instruments – Preparation of drawings for optical elements and systems – Part 8: Surface texture

ANSI/OEOSC ISO 10110-8 specifies rules for the indication of the surface texture of optical elements, in the ISO 10110 series, which standardizes drawing indications for optical elements and systems. Surface texture is the characteristic of a surface that can be effectively described with statistical methods. Typically, surface texture is associated with high spatial frequency errors (roughness) and mid-spatial frequency errors (waviness).  This document is primarily intended for the specification of polished optics. Minor changes such as conversion of spellings from ISO British English to American English and replacement of the decimal comma with the decimal point, have been made to the ISO version to facilitate use by American readers.

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