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ANSI/PMMI B155.1-2023

Safety Requirements for Packaging and Processing Machinery

This standard specifies basic terminology, principles and a methodology for achieving safety in the design and the use of machinery. It specifies principles of the iterative process of risk assessment and risk reduction to help designers, integrators and users of machinery in achieving this objective. These principles are based on knowledge and experience of the design, use, incidents, accidents and risks associated with machinery. Procedures are described for identifying hazards and estimating and evaluating risks during relevant phases of the machine lifecycle, and for the elimination of hazards or the provision of sufficient risk reduction. Guidance is given regarding the documentation of the risk assessment process.

Informative Note 1: As used in this standard, ‘machinery’ includes individual machines and machinery systems, for both packaging and processing machinery as defined in clause 3.

The requirements of this standard apply to new, modified or rebuilt industrial and commercial: 
  • + processing machinery used to produce food, beverage and pharmaceutical products;
  • + machinery that performs packaging functions for primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging;
  • + packaging converting machinery – machinery that converts glass, metal, paper, plastic or a combination of these into a package (e.g. cans, bottles, cups) or makes a package (e.g. bags, paperboard cartons, corrugated cases or trays) for subsequent use on a packaging machine; and
  • + coordination of the packaging and processing functions that take place on the production line.

    Informative Note 2: Primary packaging is the first wrap or containment of a product. Examples include a wrapped candy bar, a can containing liquid soup, a corrugated case containing a desk top printer, tablets in a bottle, vaccine in a vial, etc.

    Informative Note 3: Secondary packaging is the packaging of product already in a primary package. Examples include case of soup cans, carton of 10 candy bars, bottled tablets / vial in a carton, etc.

    Informative Note 4: Tertiary packaging is the packaging of a secondary package, often used for transport/distribution. Examples include stretch wrap pallet of cases of soup cans, a corrugated case filled with 24 cartons of candy bars, cartons of vials placed in a case, etc.

    The standard does not include packaging or processing machinery used by retail consumers.

    Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute [pmmi]

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