SAE J 1040-2003 (SAE J1040-2003)

Performance Criteria for Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS) for Construction, Earthmoving, Forestry, and Mining Machines (Cancelled: May 2003)

This SAE Standard applies to the following off-road work machines of mass greater than 700 kg that are commonly used in earthmoving, construction, logging, and mining applications as identified in SAE J1116 JUN86 and designed for an-board, seated operator: Crawler tractors and loaders (see SAE J1057 SEP88 Sections 3.1 and 7.1 and SAE J727 JAN86 for description and nomenclature). Graders (see SAE J1057 SEP88 Section 6 and SAE J870 JUL84 for description and nomenclature). Wheel loaders, wheel tractors, and their modifications used for rolling or compacting, dozer equipped wheel tractors, wheel log skidders, skid steer loaders, and backhoe loaders (see SAE J1057 SEP88 Sections 3.2, 7.2, and 9 for description and nomenclature). Wheel industrial tractors (see SAE J1092 JUN86 for description and nomenclature). Tractor portion of semi-mounted scrapers, water wagons, articulated steer dumpers, bottom dump wagons, side dump wagons, rear dump wagons, and towed fifth wheel attachments (see SAE J1057 SEP88 Sections, 4.1.2,,,, 4.3.2, and 5 and SAE J869 JUL90 and SAE J728 JUL90 for description and nomenclature). Rollers and compactors (see SAE J1017 JAN86 for description and nomenclature). Rigid frame dumpers with full mounted bodies (see SAE J1057 SEP88 Sections,,,, and and SAE J1016 JUL90 for description and nomenclature). Additional machine types listed in SAE J1116 JUN86 may utilize these ROPS performance criteria if so directed by other SAE reports such as SAE J1042 JUN93. SAE J1194 MAY89 and SAE J2194 JUN93 cover agricultural tractors (defined in SAE J1150 OCT92). EXCLUSIONSÑMachines whose use is predominantly, or entirely, in manufacturing plants and/or warehouses are specifically excluded. Rough terrain forklifts, 360 degree rotation excavators, and excavator based machines are also excluded along with rollover protection for the operator of an attachment with an alternate seat position fro

Society of Automotive Engineers [sae]

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