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SAE J 1113-13-2015 (SAE J1113-13-2015)

Electromagnetic Compatibility Measurement Procedure for Vehicle Components - Part 13: Immunity to Electrostatic Discharge (Stabilized: Feb 2015)

This SAE Standard specifies the test methods and procedures necessary to evaluate electrical components intended for automotive use to the threat of Electrostatic Discharges (ESDs). It describes test procedures for evaluating electrical components on the bench in the powered mode and for the packaging and handling non-powered mode. A procedure for calibrating the simulator that is used for electrostatic discharges is given in Appendix A. An example of how to calculate the RC Time Constant is given in Appendix B Functional Performance Status Classifications for immunity to ESD and Sensitivity classificatins for ESD sensitive devices are given in Appendix C.

Sensitivity classifications for ESD sensitive devices are given in Appendix B.

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